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BPU: Infinite out on Steam!


Boom! Bam!

Hello there!

Happy New Year to our loyal and fantastic viewers-slash-gamers-slash-hopefully-diehard-fans. :) As some of you may know, Ballpoint Universe: Infinite has been offically released on Steam! IS ANYONE ELSE AS EXCITED AS WE ARE?!

Even more amazing still, BPU has been awarded IndieDB's 2013 Visuality Award! Talk about an unexpected (but extremely welcomed) way to end the year. ;)

Anyways... back to the point....ballpoint, that is (get it? huh, huh??)

Click here to visit our Steam page.

Click here for more info about the IndieDB 2013 awards (Congratulations to the other winners as well. They were well-deserved!)

Now go. Unleash your awesome!



Hello, Good Game Club

Hey all. Today we'll be showing off our game at Good Game Club. What is that, you ask? A showing of some hot new indie games in San Francisco. We'll have a booth to show Ballpoint Universe: Infinite on PC, iPad, and Android!

If you're here because you scanned our PR code, welcome! The game isn't released on any platforms yet, but you can play the web demo here. Other things to do:

Visit the Steam Greenlight Page!

Check out the trailer!

Thumb us on facebook to stay up to date!

Play with this thing???

Thanks for visiting. : )


BPU Infinite Beta released today!

For those of you new to it, Ballpoint Universe is a hand drawn sidescrolling adventure game, with platforming and shooter elements. Fly through space castles, asteroid fields, and demented nebulas in your ink ship! Customize to choose from an array of guns, shields, swords, and spears.

Ballpoint Universe: Infinite is our extension on the original, with a whole slew of new features and a new Infinite mode! Test your skills fighting wave after wave of enemies and earn Ink to upgrade your parts.


play the beta

If you don't have Unity web player, it takes less than 10 seconds to install!

BPU infinite beta


BPU directly from Arachnid

I'm pleased to announce that you can now purchase Ballpoint Universe directly from our site here without signing up or registering! Simply pay with credit card or PayPal.

The downloads are handled by Sellfy, a great and trusted service for hosting files for sale. Credit card payment is processed by Stripe, a secure online payment service, so your info will be safe and sound.



doodle money

Jesus, Doodle, get a hold of yourself. Not THAT many people are gonna click it.


Desura Releases BPU Today!

Today, you can get your hands on Ballpoint Universe for PC or Mac via Desura!

Ballpoint Universe on Desura


Desura Digital Distribution


Worldwide Release - BPU

This is a good week - Ballpoint Universe will be released worldwide for Mac and PC on Friday, May 10th!

If you're in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland, be sure to check out Crimson Cow's fantastic boxed, German-language version of Ballpount Universe! The fully translated game contained in a detailed box with a cover flap to show off some of the artwork.



The game will also be released worldwide in English on Desura. Get the game for PC or Mac from Ballpoint Universe's home on Desura. Open now for pre-order!


If you're cheap or broke and still want the game, keep an eye out for promotions. I'll be posting them here.

That's all for now. Happy gaming!


We got a new website!

Fresh new website for the games upcoming release. Some parts of it are still works in progress, but the visual style and pages are complete.

Check out the Games section to see all the sites related to Ballpoint Universe, and some titles that we're currently working on.

The press section has links to most of the websites and publications that have covered Ballpoint Universe, and a few quotes.

Feel free to explore! There will be more content soon, especially for the 'about' section. Thanks for visiting!


Ballpoint Universe on Kotaku

The day I never dreamed would come! Ballpoint Universe has been featured on Kotaku in an article showing off the new trailer. How exciting! Check it out here. Also, you can check out the trailer on youtube right here.